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Hitman: Absolution
In this game, Max Payne has sobered up and gotten a job with a shadowy government agency, yet somehow things still went totally sideways. He's decided to stop talking about it so much, which is a relief.

I wasn't sure how to test this game, since the object appears to be avoiding detection rather than fighting people. Do I test by standing around, observing guards' patrolling patterns? Also, it seems that some areas of this game are much more performance-challenged than others, for reasons that aren't entirely clear. Ultimately, I decided to test by taking a walk through Chinatown, which is teeming with people and seems to be reasonably intensive. I can't say that good performance in this scenario would ensure solid performance in other areas of this game, though.

And we've finally found a good use for DX11 tessellation: bald guys' noggins.

Although the Radeon's FPS average is much higher than the GeForce's, repeated latency spikes once again weigh it down, and rolling back to Windows 7 doesn't offer any relief.

Both of these cards perform quite acceptably here, we should note. We've had to lower our "badness" threshold to 33.3 milliseconds since neither card surpasses the 50-millisecond mark for even a single frame. The thing is, the Radeon's higher FPS average suggests it's easily the faster solution for this workload, but some of its potential is wasted by the stubborn presence of higher-latency frames throughout the test run.