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Hitman: Absolution
Here, too, I pilfered Scott's saved game and attempted to replicate his gameplay session, which involves walking through a crowd in the Chinatown level. As you can see in the video, the crowd is very dense, and there are plenty of fancy shader and tessellation effects in play.

Testing was conducted at 1440x900 with MSAA disabled and using the "High" quality preset.

Yeah, so, this isn't really much of a contest. The 7690M performs abysmally here, with huge and extremely frequent latency spikes. Even the average frame rate alone—just 22 FPS—shows how poorly the last-gen part handles itself.

The 8790M fares much better at these settings, with nearly double the average frame rate and half the 99th percentile frame time. 53.2 ms is admittedly still on the low side—it works out to about 18.8 FPS—and there are more high-latency frames than in Far Cry 3. However, the 8790M is fine through about 96% of the run, and subjectively, it feels smooth overall.