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Sleeping Dogs
I haven't had a chance to get very far into Sleeping Dogs myself, but TR's Geoff Gasior did, and he got hooked. From the small glimpse I've received of the game's open-world environment and martial-arts-style combat, I think I can see why.

The game's version of Hong Kong seems to be its most demanding area from a performance standpoint, so that's what we benchmarked. We took Wei Shen on a motorcycle joyride through the city, trying our best to remember we were supposed to ride on the left side of the street.

We benchmarked Sleeping Dogs at 1440x900 using a tweaked version of the "High" quality preset, where we disabled vsync and knocked both antialiasing and SSAO down to "Normal." We had the high-resolution texture pack installed, too.

Along with Battlefield 3, Sleeping Dogs is perhaps one of the best-behaved games on the Radeon HD 8790M. The 99th-percentile frame time is nice and low, and latency spikes are both small and infrequent. The game looks and plays great.

On the 7690M, it's another story. I suspect that GPU's smaller memory capacity is a hindrance here, since we're using the high-resolution texture pack. Either way, the game hangs in a very disruptive fashion every few seconds, which makes driving through the busy streets of Hong Kong a dangerous and scary experience. More than once, I had to restart a test run after veering off course when the game skipped.