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Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 has a snazzy new game engine that will stress even the latest graphics cards, and I think we can get reasonably reliable results if we're careful. My test run consisted of a simple stroll through the countryside, which is fairly repeatable. I didn't join any parties, fight any bandits, or try anything elaborate like that, as you can see in the video below.

The overall latency picture improves nicely from Cat 12.11 to Cat 13.2 once more. With the new driver, the 7950's performance becomes incredibly similar to the GTX 660 Ti's.

Amazingly, the FPS average for the Catalyst 13.2 is lower than for 12.11, even though the newer driver's latency profile has obviously improved. That's an unusual outcome; we'd generally expect latency-focused improvements to yield slight gains in FPS averages, as well. Given the choice, though, we'd take the more consistent frame times of the new driver over the higher FPS average of the older one.

Our 99th percentile frame time result puts things right: the 13.2 beta is clearly a better performer than 12.11, and the Radeon and the GeForce have become very evenly matched thanks to the updated driver.

The rest of our latency-oriented metrics agree. With Cat 13.2, the 7950 essentially ties the GeForce and provides smoother, more consistent frame rendering times.