review the tr podcast 128 rough surfaces and a change for catalyst

The TR Podcast 128: Rough surfaces and a change for Catalyst

The Tech Report Podcast

Date: February 3, 2012
Duration: 1:01:50

Hosted by: Jordan Drake

Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, and Cyril Kowaliski

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Show notes
After a quick listener mail question to kick things off, we opine on Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro and the appeal of tablets versus consumer laptops. Then, Scott’s frame time crusade continues as AMD updates its Catalyst drivers and other tech press outlets add to the conversation. Finally, our panel discusses the potential of local game streaming with Nvidia’s Project Shield and other technologies.

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Listener mail/tweets:

Listener mail: Frame time on dual GPUs? – from Shaun – (0:02:26):

“This question is for Damage. It has been awhile since you went “inside the second” on multi-GPU configurations, but there are still a couple of tests that I think are worth exploring. I was wondering if you could do a newfangled frame time measurement on a 4GB GTX 680 SLI configuration to see how it compares to 2GB GTX 680s in SLI. Is it possible the larger frame buffer would actually make a big difference? Another thing I’ve been wondering about is if overclocking one GPU and not the other would actually bring the microstuttering up or down. It is possible to have them at different clock speeds, isn’t it? Just a thought.”

Tech discussion:

That’s all, folks! We’ll see you on the next episode.

0 responses to “The TR Podcast 128: Rough surfaces and a change for Catalyst

  1. Regarding the Surface and compatible keyboard covers: is it less surprising that MS didn’t bundle the keyboard or optimize the surface for lap-typing in the context of certain iPad users no longer using their laptops or the Bluetooth keyboards they purchased for their iPads?

  2. That’s kinda my point. I don’t mind paying extra – because (at least for me in NYC) it means a 24/7 Apple store from which I can get free support and repairs – and it means that if my machine has enough wrong with it – they’ll replace it for free. They’ve done it before. The trick, I think, is that I notice more wrong things (like burn in on a display) than the average person – hence my laptops end up being repaired more often.

  3. I’m running the newest beta on my HD 6870, but I haven’t noticed any difference. Except maybe one or two less milliseconds per frame (mpf?) rendering Crysis 3 with 4xMSAA. I’d love to see additional performance increases or extra smoothness for the old VLIW architectures.

  4. Jordan, I am glad to hear that Apple replaced your laptop with a new one. However, do you think they would have done this if you hadn’t paid twice the price of a similarly speced Windows laptop? 🙂

  5. Great podcast as always, although it felt a bit short. Or maybe my commute is just too long.

  6. I’d be interested if the new cat drivers improve the 5xxx series myself. Running 12.8 on a 5850 here.

  7. I got the opposite….. used to the old way and much easier to navigate to the discussion points you want to hear.

    ok figured it out, was trying to drag the green line…. big ol’ meh..

    p.s. have you guys considered launching the audio in a seperate box, typically run it in the background while surfing…. yeah, yeah their are ways around it I know but seems like an easy one.

  8. I see they fixed their streaming app. It’s now possible to jump to a section of the podcast without waiting for the whole thing to load…

    It’s still hard to pinpoint a location, though.