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Assassin's Creed III
This game appears to be a thought experiment centered around what would happen if the Quaker Oats guy had invented parkour in 18th-century Boston.

Since the AC3 menu doesn't lend itself to screenshots, I'll just tell you that we tested at 2560x1600 with environment, anti-aliasing, and shadow quality set to "very high" and texture quality set to "high." I understand that the "very high" AA setting combines 4X multisampling with FXAA HQ post-process smoothing. This game also supports Nvidia's TXAA, but Nvidia has gated off access to that mode from owners of Radeons and pre-Kepler GeForces, so we couldn't use it for comparative testing.

Well, the strange news here is how Radeon HD 7970 performance drops when you add a second video card. That ain't right. We've asked AMD what the problem is, but haven't yet gotten an answer. A little googling around suggests we're not alone in seeing this problem, though. This sort of thing happens sometimes with multi-GPU solutions, especially with newer games, but AC3 has been out long enough that this situation seems odd.

In other news, the Titan almost exactly mirrors the performance of the GTX 690 here. I sense a developing trend.