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Battlefield 3
I tested Battlefield 3 by playing through the start of the Kaffarov mission, right after the player lands. Our 90-second runs involved walking through the woods and getting into a firefight with a group of hostiles, who fired and lobbed grenades at us.

I kept things simple, using the game's "High" detail preset at 1080p.

The 7790 shadows both the 7850 1GB and GTX 650 Ti 2GB AMP! Edition in these frame-by-frame plots.

Our average FPS and percentile results confirm our initial observation. The 7790, 7850 1GB, and GTX 650 2GB AMP! are all neck-and-neck.

The 7790 pulls ahead ever so slightly in the "time spent beyond 33.3 ms" graph, but not by much. These three top contenders are about equally playable in Battlefield 3.