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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Here, too, I borrowed Scott's test run, which involves a walk through the moor not far from the town of Whiterun—and perilously close to a camp of Giants.

The game was run at 1920x1080 using the "Ultra" detail preset. The high-resolution texture pack was installed, as well.

The 7770 and 7850 1GB fare poorly here, too, even though AMD addressed frame latency spikes in Skyrim in recent Catalyst beta drivers. By contrast, the 7790 appears to perform better; its plot has fewer, smaller frame time spikes than its fellow Radeons' plots. Odd.

Although it has a higher FPS average, the 7790 generally trails the GTX 650 Ti AMP! in Skyrim. It fares worse in the 99th percentile frame time, and it spends more time beyond our 50- and 33-ms thresholds.