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Power consumption
Oh, right. I also tested power, noise, and temperatures. The 7990's numbers are new, but the rest of the results have been shamelessly poached from my GTX Titan review. They should suffice for a quick comparison. Have a look.

Noise levels and GPU temperatures

The 7990 comes out looking spiffy across all of these tests. Don't get too hung up on its slightly higher noise levels at idle and with the display off. The card turns its fans completely off and makes zero noise when the display goes into power-save mode. What you're seeing there is just a little fluctuation in the noise floor in Damage Labs.

Beyond that, everything about the 7990's power consumption and acoustics is exemplary for a high-end card, especially the part where it registers lower on the decibel meter under load than the GeForce GTX 690. The 7990 is dissipating an additional 50+ watts of power versus the GTX 690 and is still quieter. This is huge progress for AMD, and it's only fitting for a thousand-dollar graphics card to have a cooling solution this effective.