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Battlefield 3
We tested Battlefield 3 by playing through the start of the Kaffarov mission, right after the player lands. Our 90-second runs involved walking through the woods and getting into a firefight with a group of hostiles, who fired and lobbed grenades at us.

As in Skyrim, we tested at 1280x720 using the "Low" quality preset. Again, our Atom system sat out this round of testing.

Let's not mince words: none of these systems are fast enough to run Battlefield 3 acceptably, even at these very low detail settings. The A4 achieves the lowest, most consistent frame latencies of the bunch, which is commendable, but neither it nor the Core i5 deliver what we'd call a playable experience. Clearly, folks hoping to game on their Kabini-powered laptops will have to pick less demanding titles.