The TR Podcast 134: Xbone, Kabini, and not quite a Titan

Plus a slew of Haswell motherboards and more

The Tech Report Podcast

Date: May 27, 2013
Duration: 1:33:43

Hosted by: Jordan Drake

Co-Hosts:Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, and Cyril Kowaliski

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Show notes
Just in time for your post-Memorial-day Tuesday commute, it's another episode of the TR Podcast. After answering two listener questions, we discuss the Xbox One (lovingly referred to as the Xbone) and debate the merits of a TV-centric gaming console. Then, following a quick digression into the correct pronunciation of the ".gif" file format, Geoff introduces us to a variety of fabulous Haswell motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. The last half of our episode features Scott's review of the Titan's little brother, the GeForce GTX 780, as well as Cyril and Scott's detailed look at the new AMD A4-5000 "Kabini" APU.

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Listener mail/tweets:

Beta drivers? - from Mohi - (0:02:53):

"The other day I Installed the older HD 5870 that I had, with the latest beta drivers. Surprisingly, I found that even relatively undemanding games stutter and jitter all over the place such as COD: Black Ops that would only give 45-50 fps with HUGE hiccups. Then I tried the somewhat older 12.1 WHQL. In the same game and the same settings, frame rates jumped to 90's and stayed there (FPS Cap). It was the same story with some other older games and even some new ones.

My question is, when AMD releases a new catalyst driver, do they only optimize for new products? You might think it's a stupid question, but why did I get such a performance boost going to an older driver? And if AMD's drivers for GCN parts ruin performance on older cards, why don't they un-unify their drivers? I know that HD4000 and previous generations are at legacy state in terms of driver support, but as far as I know, the 5000 series still get drivers."

Build now or wait for consoles? - from Laurent - (0:07:44):

"Love your website! Here's my question. I built a nice PC in 2007 and now I'm thinking of buying/building a new epic gaming pc. In what way, do you guys think, should I anticipate on the movement that is going on with the PS4 coming out. How will it affect gaming pc's? I know it's AMD tech and has 8 processor cores. What will be important for my new PC? Will using AMD tech be the best move for processor and graphic card(s) or will Intel/Nvidia be just as good/better? Do I need to get a processor with 6 or 8 cores, or will 4 cores be enough (wil hyper threading be of any use in gaming)? I want my gaming pc to be way better than the PS4, and a want it to last a "long" time. Do I need to wait for new generations of hardware? What should I do?"

Tech discussion:

  • Microsoft reveals next-generation Xbox One console - (0:17:40) - Read more

    Gif or Jif? - (0:28:50) - Read more

    Z87 Haswell motherboard roundup - (0:31:02) - Asus - Gigabyte - MSI

    Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780 graphics card reviewed - (0:44:33) - Read more

    AMD's A4-5000 'Kabini' APU reviewed - (0:58:34) - Read more

That's all, folks! We'll see you on the next episode.TR

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