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IGP performance: GRID 2
Forgive me for not having a video of this test session recorded. We just tested in the opening race of the game for 60 seconds.

GRID 2 shows us a little more progress from Trinity to Richland, but otherwise, the results are pretty similar to what we saw from Tomb Raider. AMD's integrated graphics simply have the Core i3's HD 4000 IGP outclassed. Haswell's new HD 4600 edges closer to the 6700 and 6800K, but intermittent spikes in rendering times to nearly 80 ms mean that it doesn't run this game as smoothly as Richland's built-in Radeon.

IGP performance: Metro: Last Light

Latency-focused game testing is a lot of work, so I've thrown in this quick, automated test of Metro in order to give us another example of performance in a recent game. As you can see, there are few surprises given what we've already witnessed.