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Crysis 3
Now we'll turn our attention to gaming performance with a discrete graphics card.

Interesting. Although the FPS averages would appear to suggest strong performance from each of the CPUs, with only a small gap between them, the render time plots paint a more complex picture. Frame times spike pretty substantially at certain points the test run, and when they do, the slower CPUs with fewer cores tend to suffer. The 99th percentile frame time reflects this reality, showing a sizeable gap between the six-core FX-6350 and the quad-core FX-4350. With only two cores and four threads via Hyper-Threading, the Core i3-3225 is on the wrong side of this divide, as are all of the A10 APUs.

The FX-6350's frame latencies are substantially lower than those of the A10, Core i3, and FX-4350 throughout the last 15-20% of frames rendered. I don't think we've ever seen such clear evidence of a game making good use of more than four cores in a way that matters.