The TR Podcast 137: The long reach of ARM

Plus life with the Galaxy S4, listener mail, and more

The Tech Report Podcast

Date: July 14, 2013
Duration: 1:11:16

Hosted by: Jordan Drake

Co-Hosts:Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, and Cyril Kowaliski

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Show notes
We kick off a new episode of vocal tech reporting with two listener mail questions, including an email that prompts a serious discussion about in-game physics. Then, after a brief digression to digest the fantabulous Sharknado trailer, it's a one-two punch of Scott's deep dive on ARM and Cyril's three weeks of cheating on his iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Riveting stuff.

Send in listener mail, and we'll answer on the podcast. -

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Listener mail/tweets:

Wifi antennas? - from Eli - (0:05:56):

"I recently replaced a wifi card in a laptop of mine, and the new card had 3 antenna connections where the old card had 2. To my surprise the laptop actually had a third antenna cable (which I plugged in), it simply had gone unused. What is the difference in using 3 cables verse 2? I had previously assumed that the different antennae were for the two wifi spectra, 2.4 and 5.0 ghz. I clearly do not understand wifi, any help?"

Where did PhysX go? - from Dan - (0:10:01):

"I have another disgruntled rant i want to throw at you. You guys remember Ageia right? Ageia PhysX before Nvidia threw gobs of money at them and they gobbled up the tech. These guys released a little tech demo called Cellfactor. It was first shown at the 2006 Game Developers Conference, and to say it was impressive would be an understatement. I don't even know the hardware they were running this on at the time, Core2Duo/8800gtx possibly? But good lord it was powerful stuff for the future of gaming. Check out the original video here

My question. Fast forward to 2013. Why in the hell don't we have this tech running throughout games today? Why is it the best we see is some added particles in Borderlands 2? I shoot and kill a bandit..oh look over there at the green puddle of **** pudding on the ground that slightly moves as i walk through it. Sure glad i pony'd up the $1000 clams for that **** Nvidia Titan card that supports PhysX, otherwise i could never run all this mind blowing PhysX on my high end rig in 2013! What gives? The best we're gonna get is shooting holes through cloth in Metro Last Light? Nvidia bought up this powerful hardware/software tool set for what? To sit on it so the competition couldn't do anything with it? Gameplay alone could be taken to new height's rather than the same tired **** we see time and time again today. That demo is SEVEN **** years old! And still more impressive than anything we see today. Business as usual, how tragic.

Keep up the great work. Scott you are my higher power of knowledge and patience."

Tech discussion:

  • Sharks, tornados, Sharknado- (0:02:59) - Trailer

    An intro to all things ARM - (0:17:02) - Read more

    Three weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S4 - (0:40:14) - Read more

That's all, folks! We'll see you on the next episode.TR

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