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Sleeping Dogs

The 7990's stutter pattern should be obvious by this point, and you can see how frame pacing mitigates the problem. Sleeping Dogs is yet another game that appears to use a smart timer to advance its simulation. Those occasional "heartbeat" sequences in the Fraps results, where you'll see some frame times north of 80 ms, don't tend to translate into perceptible hiccups as long as the FCAT line is relatively smooth.

The trends in the numbers are familiar by now, but it's worth pointing out that a single Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition card is superior to a Radeon HD 7990 in many of our latency-oriented performance metrics when frame pacing is disabled.

Let's look at some videos. First, the Radeon HD 7970:

The 7990 without pacing:

The 7990 with pacing:

And the GTX 690:

Once again, I think the difference is apparent. Here's hoping the videos convey that impression.