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Oooh, so he got Ivy-E up to 4.7GHz. Gotta admit, I'd be more impressed if he hadn't taken the 3960X to 4.8GHz way back when. Still, that's six cores running as fast as his Canadian sidekick got the Haswell quad to go.

Ok, Jamaal, so I have a confession to make in this context. Please just hear me out, OK? I really have been following this stuff for a while, and I knew Ivy-E was coming. I really wanted to see how it would OC, since, like I said, I'm thinking about building myself a new gaming rig. So... the other day—I've kinda been monitoring this dude's webcam to see how his overclocking tests were going.

It was just too easy. He's running Windows 8, and you know everything Redmond has done for us, how easy they've made it. I just flipped it on in stealth mode, and he was none the wiser. I mean, it's frigging amazing how trusting geeks are of that little light that says whether the camera is on or off. Like it'd be some kind of physical impossibility to turn up the CCD without the LED coming on.

Anyway, it was totally innocuous, just some guy in a lab listening to Mumford, singing horribly off key, and futzing around with BIOS options. Really, nothing that would raise any flags in oversight, if they weren't already totally overwhelmed with the whole Snowden deal.

He starts out with a big tower cooler on the CPU, looked like maybe a Frio OCK, big momma, with the fan running full tilt. Sounded like a Dyson with tuberculosis. He gets it up to 4.7GHz at 1.35V, and under load, temps are topping out at around 81°C. The cooler is just barely keeping up with the heat load, but it's stable.

Then he pulls the tower cooler and hooks up a water cooler—a nice one, Asetek design, dual fans and pretty beefy radiator, although not really any bigger than the twin fans and heatsink on the Frio. I dunno, maybe he thinks water is magic. He leaves the CPU running at the same settings, and lo and behold, the water cooler can't quite cut it. The fans are cranking, the pump is going, but temps creep up under load until the system blue-screens.

Dude was totally better off with air cooling, because it turns out water is not magic.

At least, you know, the performance is nice at 4.7GHz, if you don't mind the noise.