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Crysis 3

So there's a lot of stuff. This guy likes to show more than just frames per second when talking about game performance. He says there's more to it than just averages. I think there's probably something to that, since he found some problems with Radeons a while back that were apparently real issues. He's kinda pretentious about it, though. I'm like, dude, it's just a frigging video game. Get over yourself.

Anyhow, looks to me like these numbers put the 4960X in a good light, but it's not really meaningfully faster than the quad-core Haswell or Ivy Bridge chips from the past couple of years.

The contrast with some of the recent AMD "APU" chips is kinda brutal. They all seem to do pretty OK with FPS averages, but these other numbers don't look so good. There are some nasty spikes in the plot for that A10-6800K, too, which is kind of the point, I guess. You're probably gonna feel those slowdowns.