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Power consumption and efficiency

Oh man. I see some problems with this one. First of all, the idle power draw on their X79 motherboard, the Asus P9X79 Deluxe, is way too high. Have a look over here, and you'll see the same basic setup on a Gigabyte board drawing 63W at idle. So that's bogus. Also...

No way is that x264 encoding workload using all six cores and 12 threads fully. Check the plots. The encode takes the same amount of time, about 45 seconds, on the 4960X and on the quad-core Haswell 4770K. That's gotta be why the delta between idle and load on the 4960X is only 60W. He picked the wrong workload for a six-core CPU.

This guy is usually pretty meticulous about how he tests. That's gotta be giving him an OCD flare-up.

Hmm. Well, even with those problems, this looks like progress from the 3970X to the 4960X.