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Memory bandwidth
Both boards were tested in the same system using Corsair DIMMs running at 1866MHz with identical 9-10-9-27-2T timings.

Productivity performance

Kraken JavaScript performance
We tested the latest Kraken release, version 1.1, in Chrome 27.

TrueCrypt disk encryption
TrueCrypt's AES algorithm benefits from acceleration via Intel's AES-NI instructions, which are supported by our Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPUs. We've also included results for another algorithm, Twofish, that isn't accelerated via dedicated instructions.

7-Zip file compression and decompression
The figures below were extracted from 7-Zip's built-in benchmark.

Video encoding

x264 video encoding
We've devised a new x264 test, which involves one of the latest builds of the encoder with AVX2 support. To test, we encoded a one-minute, 1080p .m2ts video using the following options:

--profile high --preset medium --crf 18 --video-filter resize:1280,720 --force-cfr

The source video was obtained from a repository of stock videos on this website. We used the Samsung Earth from Above clip.


DiRT Showdown
We busted out our Inside the second methods to testing gaming performance. While we aren't showing all of our fancy latency graphs, we have included results for FPS and the 99th percentile frame time.

Motherboards typically have little bearing on application performance, so we're not surprised to see such a tight race. For all intents and purposes, the X79-Deluxe is no faster than the old P9X79 Pro in these tests. Let's see if that statement still holds true when we turn our attention to the onboard peripherals.