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Battlefield 4 beta
Testing a multiplayer-only game online can be fraught with problems. Most notably, I tend to get killed by an instant headshot about six times in a row before I can finish a test run. Repeatability is a challenge. In order to sidestep that problem, I tried out the new BF4 beta on an empty server, using the same map and route each time. Real games will likely be more challenging to render than our simple test loop, but this at least gets us started with BF4 performance testing. I probably set the image quality settings too high, too, as you'll see.

Oh, also, because of a problem with the FCAT overlay, I had to test this game with Fraps.

Like I said, these image quality settings are a little too strenuous. There are frame time spikes to over 100 ms even on the fastest cards, which isn't what you'd want for fluid gameplay, particularly in an online shooter. Still, we do have a nice sorting of the cards, with some good news for the new Radeons. The R9 280X is fastest overall, and the R9 270X turns in a lower 99th-percentile frame time than the GeForce GTX 760.