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Crysis 3

Click through the buttons above to see frame-by-frame results from a single test run for each of the graphics cards. You can see how there are occasional spikes on each of the cards. They tend to happen at the very beginning of each test run and a couple of times later, when I'm exploding dudes with dynamite arrows.

We're at a nice place with our current selection of games, test scenarios, and the latest video card drivers. The FPS averages and our various frame latency-focused metrics tend to agree about which solution is best. In the case of Crysis 3, there are still some spikes in rendering times for each card, but those appear to be some caused by some sort of CPU or system performance limitation. The cards from both brands are all affected similarly by those slowdowns, as our "time beyond 50 ms" metric demonstrates.

At the end of it all, the R9 290 outperforms the GeForce GTX 780 ever so slightly in this test sequence, and it's just an eyelash behind the R9 290X.