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Tomb Raider
The Tomb Raider reboot is next. In this game, we ran through the jungle and pilfered a dead man's bow and arrow. Most of the detail settings were left at the "normal" defaults.

Once again, all our metrics agree that the A8-7600 offers the best performance of the bunch. My seat-of-the-pants impressions concur. Playing on the A8-7600 feels substantially smoother regardless of the TDP configuration. Tomb Raider is still playable on the other setups, but the experience is definitely compromised.

Although the Core i3-4330 and Core i7-4770K are soundly trounced by the A8-7600, the Intel chips are surprisingly competitive with the A10-6700T. Haswell's onboard GPU can't take all the credit, though. Integrated graphics performance is highly dependent on memory bandwidth, and the Intel configs are running faster memory than the Richland setups.