The TR Podcast 150: From Mantle to Maxwell, and beyond

The Tech Report Podcast

Date: February 26th, 2013
Duration: 1:20:01

Hosted by: Jordan Drake

Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, and Cyril Kowaliski

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Show notes

We’re back after a long a depressingly long absence. Can you find it in your heart to forgive us? We really hope so…

Anyway, this episode kicks off with an update on our podcast hosting—and some juicy details about our listener base. Next up: listener mail and a slew of news stories, from the Comcast-Time Warner Cable axis of evil to rumored Broadwell processor delays. Then, Scott and Cyril dissect the performance of AMD’s Mantle API, Scott reviews the GeForce TX 750 Ti, and Geoff shares his experience casually dating the Cooler Master QuickFire Ultimate mechanical keyboard. Tune in to find out if the relationship gets serious.

Send in listener mail, and we’ll answer on the podcast. –

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Listener mail/tweets:

Hardware durability? – from Mohi:

“Hi all. I have a question regarding PC hardware durability and
reliability. In term of quality of components used on the PCB of say,
a graphics card, which brand do you have a preference or less issues
with from board vendors (Gigabyte, Asus, XFX, MSI, Diamond, etc.)
Talking about the reference designs, we know for a fact that AMD
cooling units are horrible and inefficient. But what about PCB
components like chokes, caps, ‘fets and so on? I have seen stories on
forums or Newegg reviews of people whose reference board GTX 460s,
570s and 590 went bust because of overclocking and voltage increase,
but haven’t seen many cases of smoked Radeons. Would love to hear your
thoughts on this.”

Kavari and Carrizo? – from Bear:

“If Kaveri is the “first iteration” of the fully coherent APU, as I keep seeing across all the hardware sites, and I understand this question may be premature, just what exactly are we looking at with Carrizo, aside from better CPU cores and a performance bump/TDP drop? Isn’t everything HSA from here on out just going to be on the programming side, getting devs to leverage what’s there?”

Card upgrade recommendation? – from Jay:

“I have an older AMD card and looking at upgrading, been an AMD fan for years. With what AMD and Nvidia are doing to be different like g sync and mantle what would be a better card to get? does going from 128 bus to a faster one make a difference in games like Bioshock infinite and skyrim?”

Tech discussion:

  • The podcast has a new host – Read more

    Comcast to acquire Time Warner Cable, create new axis of evil – Read more

    Rumor: Intel’s Broadwell processors now delayed until late 2014 – Read more

    How about a Radeon R9 290X for 900 bucks? – Read moreDoge coin demand

    First look: AMD Mantle CPU performance in Battlefield 4 – Read more

    A quick look at Mantle on AMD’s Kaveri APU – Read more

    Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 750 Ti ‘Maxwell’ graphics processor – Read more

    Cooler Master’s QuickFire Ultimate mechanical keyboard reviewed – Read more

That’s all, folks! We’ll see you on the next episode.

Comments closed
    • WillBach
    • 6 years ago

    Thank you for talking in-depth about Kaveri’s HSA features, and TLB performance!

    • guruMarkB
    • 6 years ago

     Regarding GPU coolers and reliability, I exclusively use AMD video and love the MSI Twin Frozr III or the Hawk series and their excellent GPU coolers. Their coolers are fantastic at keeping the GPU cool with the lowest fan speed for very cool and quiet operation. I also like the Asus products with their DirectCU II for better GPU cooling with quiet operation. I don’t OC any GPU but with low temps. I should be able to do that easily.
     My current MSI Hawk Radeon 6870 is over 3 years old and still runs whisper quiet and perfect in my Antec Sonata mid-tower case with 1 front + 1 rear 120mm case fans (under 2000 rpm) to keep the airflow inside very good without noise. Running an Intel 660 core-i5 OCed to 3.8 GHz and a dual 120mm fan 4 heatpipe cooler (push/pull air cooling). Topped it off with a Seasonic 600 watt power supply for 100% rock solid performance on Win7 Pro.

    • spuppy
    • 6 years ago

    Mining is designed to be difficult, but it’s not doing “nothing”, it is actually running the network itself.

      • spuppy
      • 6 years ago

      So sorry for stating a fact.

    • Khali
    • 6 years ago

    OK, pet peeve time. Why is it Jordan is always eating while recording the pod casts? At least it was something he could eat quietly this time instead of the chips we had to sit and listen to him crunch away on like in a past episode.

    My pet peeve aside its great to have the pod cast back.

      • jdrake
      • 6 years ago

      Quite honestly – when one gets home from work right before the podcast recording session… and one hasn’t eaten since lunch… one needs to get food or otherwise proceed to fast for another 2 hours (and then try and eat at midnight).

      That said, I’ve also been trying to play up the comedic foley aspect to add a bit of levity… but perhaps it’s a bit much. Point taken.

        • Milo Burke
        • 6 years ago

        Jordan, I really don’t mind if you’re eating during podcasts. I understand you have a busy day before hand. No hard feelings about needing sustenance.

        However, maybe it would please other people if you mute your mic while chewing, particularly if you’re not talking during a long stretch. Alternatively, unless I’m mistaken, you’re multi-track editing the podcasts anyway. It wouldn’t be that hard to put volume or mute automation on your track for the 20-30 minutes you might be eating. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, configure a gate plugin for the level of your mic and save the preset, so you can load it into the session each time you’re eating.

        And if the chewing sounds aren’t audible, there’s no need to apologize for eating on the podcast because no one will be able to tell. =]

          • Milo Burke
          • 6 years ago

          I don’t want to insult your intelligence, but I really don’t know your level of expertise. If you need help configuring a gate or using volume automation, send me a message.

            • jdrake
            • 6 years ago

            I’m going to go ahead and set the record straight. It occurs to me that 99% of our audience is unaware of how I actually go about editing the podcast.

            Not a single second of sound on the show is there by accident, or because I missed something, or because I didn’t know how to gait/limit/compress/expand the audio.

            The entire show is multi-tracked and each person’s individual audio is edited by hand to remove a myriad of noises – be-it sneezing, coughing, shifting, breathing, eating etc. Additionally, I manipulate the audio to remove times when our panelists have interrupted each other, or talk over each other. The end product is designed to be as clean and sterile as possible so that when you’re listening to Scott talk about his latest review, you’re not distracted by the sound of Geoff moving his chair or me drinking a glass of water. This is one of the editing details of our show that is not often applied in other tech podcasts on the web (TWiT, for example), and it’s something we’ve always gotten positive feedback about (a quick jaunt through listener comments throughout the years will bear that out).

            So, if there is sound of me eating something as part of the conversational episode opening, included, as I’ve already stated, for comedic effect (e.g. Tracy Morgan in Cop Out – dozens other films where a character slurps on a soft drink to punctuate awkward silence), it’s not an accident. It may not be a popular punchline (clearly it’s ruffled a few feathers), but it’s not carelessness.

            The feedback is all welcomed, of course, and I’ll make a note to explore non-culinary foley gags in the future.

            • aggies11
            • 6 years ago

            I for one definitely appreciate the humor on this one. Every time Jordan eats and then the accompanying reaction from Scott (plus the awkward silence) always cracks me up. Good comedic timing on those ones, I usually end up chuckling out loud.

            But eating on podcasts really does seen to be some sort of internet taboo. As long as the audio is clean, I don’t mind it, but you can’t please everyone I guess.

            Fun way to start the show and for the record I do appreciate Jordan’s injections of humor considering that is a tech podcast and has the potential to be fairly serious.

            Keep up the good work.

            • WillBach
            • 6 years ago

            You made me think I was going deaf because I couldn’t hear you chew.

        • Khali
        • 6 years ago

        I understand about finding time to eat and really don’t have a issue with that. Frankly you could do all kinds of things during the pod cast and I wouldn’t care, just as long as I don’t hear it on the pod cast.

        Like I said, its a pet peeve and probably a bit irrational on my part. But apparently three others agreed since there was three up votes on the comment until some one tossed in a down vote to cancel one out.

        My pet peeve got started back when I played a lot of MMO’s and we used one of the various voice chats to talk during the game. Voice activated microphones on head sets are not your friend. It went beyond people eating noisy food like chips or slurping a drink. One guy had this nifty new wireless headset that worked any where in his apartment. We were treated to listening to him use the bathroom and such. It went down hill from there when his girl friend showed up one evening. He promptly forgot about the head set being wireless. He took it off and laid it on a table or something, forgetting to shut it off, and about thirty people got to listen to him and his lady friend get intimate for around thirty minutes. She was a “screamer” and he had this odd grunt/squeal at the appropriate time. Several recordings were made that night and are used to this day, eight to ten years later, for fun black mail purposes.

          • spuppy
          • 6 years ago

          It’s not irrational at all, it is completely unprofessional, and pretty much the worst thing a radio or podcast host could do. Especially if it’s to be “funny”

    • Milo Burke
    • 6 years ago

    I think keyboard reviews need a scatter-plot showing how many people you can beat to death with a keyboard at a given price point.

      • jessterman21
      • 6 years ago

      Or a latency-curve graph showing how long each blow takes to complete, based on mass.

        • Milo Burke
        • 6 years ago

        A key feature is how tactile and clicky you want the experience to be while bludgeoning someone to death.

    • odizzido
    • 6 years ago

    Just pop that stupid windows key out of the keyboard. If you really need it you can use a pencil or key or whatever to press it.


    Maybe you can’t with your keyboard?….I know that on both my desktop and laptop keyboards I can take them off, though I just disabled the windows key in windows on my laptop instead of taking the key out.

    • jihadjoe
    • 6 years ago

    It’s back! Woohoo!

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