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The results—continued

GPU computing
Thanks to its integrated GCN graphics processor, Mullins comes prepared for GPU computing workloads. We put those capabilities to the test in LuxMark, a ray-tracing benchmark, and in Musemage, a GPU-accelerated photo editing application.

Mullins is far more competent than Bay Trail in these GPU-computing tests. However, this is one scenario where it fails to catch up to the 15W A4-5000—despite the fact that the two chips have the same maximum GPU speed. In all likelihood, Mullins' more limited memory bandwidth is to blame.

Graphics and gaming
We'll start our graphics testing with 3DMark, which has the advantage of running on not just Windows devices, but also Android ones. That provides some very helpful context. Note that, while some of the devices below have different screen resolutions, 3DMark is designed to compensate. It renders scenes offscreen at a fixed resolution (1280x720, in the case of the "Ice Storm" test) and then scales the image to match the display.

No doubt about it, Mullins has a lot of graphics horsepower for a tablet SoC. It's faster than Bay Trail, and it's even speedier than the Tegra 4 chip in Nvidia's Shield handheld, which runs virtually unrestrained thanks to the Shield's large chassis, active cooling system, and beefy battery.

Again, though, Mullins doesn't quite match the performance of the 15W A4-5000.

Next up: a few games from our Steam library. We ran BioShock Infinite, Dirt Showdown, and Tomb Raider at 1280x720 using the lowest detail settings available.

No real surprises here. The numbers echo what we saw above: Mullins is obviously more capable than Bay Trail, but it's slower than Kabini, notably so in some cases.

More to the point, Mullins isn't quite fast enough to run these recent PC games at playable frame rates, even with the detail and resolution turned down. DiRT Showdown is the smoothest of the bunch, but 30 FPS is still a little sluggish for a racing game. On a Mullins tablet, you'd probably want to stick with older releases, casual or indie titles, and whatever tablet-friendly games are available on the Windows Store.