review video preview cmstorms quickfire rapid i mechanical keyboard

Video preview: CMStorm’s QuickFire Rapid-i mechanical keyboard

CMStorm’s new QuickFire Rapid-i keyboard is all about the light show—in addition to being a darn fine mechanical keyboard—which is why we’re bringing you our impressions on video. Hit play to have a look.

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  1. The original Enermax Aurora plugs in via USB, but it also has a microphone/headphone extender bundled within its cable protector, so you can plug your headset into your keyboard, and pass through directly to the rear of your computer.

    Sadly the later revisions swapped this out for USB audio, but to be honest, USB audio is probably good enough for VOIP anyway.

  2. I don’t disagree with what you said, but I feel like you didn’t think about or test the last paragraph. When I truly center the spacebar of my 104-key keyboard, or even shift it slightly left so the keyboard as a whole is centered, and then imagine the tenkey or navigation keys are chopped off, it is till too wide to use a mouse without your arm pushed out to the side. Even a 60% keyboard with no tenkey or navigation keys is still a bit too large to avoid the mouse hitting it when it’s centered.

  3. Your solution to ergonomics (moving the keyboard) works if you are gaming or typing for extended periods of time. It doesn’t work the rest of the time when you have to switch between typing and mousing often e.g. emails, browsing websites, coding, etc.

  4. So instead of bling, you’d rather have a crappy sound card embedded in the keyboard? Because if you want a headphone jack and still connect your keyboard with USB, that is what you’re going to get.

  5. The only keyboard features that should matter are “has standard keys”
    Everything else is feature-creep, welcome or not.

  6. BLAH!!!

    What is it with making keyboards that are only one or two great features? Function media keys…. COMMON! That is really annoying and it makes a super expensive keyboard feel like a cheap one real quick. When you add the function feature to access media keys suddenly you realize that just using the mouse is more efficient.

    That being said the appearance of the LED’s is pretty cool and the news of another Green switch keyboard is exciting!!!!

    But not USB through, head phone jack, dedicated media keys. Don’t worry its got bling though!!! :^/

  7. I wonder about all these ‘tenkeyless lets me keep the mouse closer’ people.

    1) Do they have shoulders that are about 10″ apart?

    2) Do they not realize that you can actually move a keyboard on the desk when gaming? Yes, for typing you want it centered, but when gaming just move it to the left if you’re right-handed. I move my keyboard to the left of center when gaming and it is perfectly ergonomic for using the left side of the keyboard.

    It seems like even with a tenkeyless there really isn’t enough room to have the keyboard centered – the mouse would be smashing into the keyboard. Even a 60% keyboard wouldn’t be small enough to keep the keyboard centered and have space to move the mouse.

  8. not really a problem for me. I have my mouse on the desktop and my keyboard on the tray. don’t have this issue.

  9. The Cherry switches are 18.5 mm tall, plus another couple millimeters here and there for the bottom case and the keycap, especially if you add curvature in the keycap profile.

    Matias switches are 19.4 mm tall, for what it’s worth.

    (Both of these measurements include the pins on the bottom of the switch, for what it’s worth.)

    There have been low profile mechanical switches, but they tend to be rather compromised compared to scissor-stabilized rubber domes.

  10. I think tenkeyless might be the sweet spot.

    I’m using the Arc right now but the cursor block and F7-F12 using Fn is an abomination, I couldn’t use this as a daily driver 😉

  11. Really liked this little review Scott, your disembodied voice worked very well for this demonstration! I just wish they had released this keyboard earlier as I’m typing this right now on my completely not back-lit CM Quickfire with absolutely no nifty decaying light effects 🙁

  12. No right hand number pad is a deal breaker for me. I use my home keyboard for gaming primarily, but it also is the machine I use to work from home, which requires numerical data entry at times. The lack of number pad would be annoying for me. May look at one of their other models WITH the number pad though. Seems like a quality input device.

    Also, those add on number pads…just no.

  13. Amen. I like to have my keyboard’s space bar positioned centrally for ergonomic reasons, a numpad totally destroys the ergonomics by making you flare your right hand way out to reach the mouse.

    My Microsoft Arc keyboard doesn’t even have a full row of function keys or separate arrow keys but I don’t miss them, if I did I would just get a separate numpad and position it on my left. Actually I’d just use my Belkin Nostromo, which I bought for ergonomic purposes while gaming.

    It’s weird to me, neither the Microsoft Arc nor the Belkin Nostromo has mechanical switches but that doesn’t bother me at all, yet other people will happily sacrifice ergonomic alignment in order to feel a mechanical switch under their fingertips!

  14. I like tenkeyless because I can keep my mouse closer to the keyboard, and my desk is pretty small.

    What I did was buy an extra tenkeypad and put it on the other side of my mouse. This one has Cherry MX Blue switches, which are good for typing, but not for gaming, and they are loud. But they are perfect for a numpad 😉

    Another option is to use keyboards with a numpad but are still narrower than a normal board. AFAIK Cooler Master’s Quickfire TK is the only mechanical with this layout.

    My main keyboard is a Topre Realforce though, so I prefer the extra numpad option 😉

  15. couple things.

    I’m liking that intro. It’s fun, it has whimsy, it’s pretty catchy, and to the point, but it’s also reserved and professional and not annoying. In the gaming world, we’re used to there being plenty of examples of garish and downright obnoxious intro logos. Your guys’ is pretty good.

    secondly, “I’m coming to you in the form of a disembodied voice with hands.” haha!

    Everything is going tenkeyless, though. Sid Meier is probably getting furious at it! They be taking my numpad!

    The repeat control and windows-key-off functions are both nice.

  16. I don’t know that it’s any less thick measured to the keycap top than a keyboard with a larger body. The difference may just be visual due to the design. Someone with one needs to measure to the top of the bottom row of keys….I can measure my RK-9000 which is just about as standard as mechanical keyboards get.

  17. It’s coming in the CPC ZX+2 edition, though I read the release date was “mid 80’s” so we’ve got another 70 years before it hits the market

  18. Are there any mechanicals which aren’t super chunky, or is that just the nature of mechanical switches?

    This keyboard is kinda cute and compact, no 10-key and no space wasted to dedicated media keys, but it’s still chunky and bulky.

    I don’t get where the extra bulk needs to come from, take the [url=<]K60 for example[/url<]: It has reduced height because the switches sit proud on a metal baseplate, but it's still a generously-measured inch thick. I actually like low keyboards - l'd be a fan of the apple keyboard if flat, chiclet keys weren't horrible for finger positioning.

  19. If Cooler Master’s quality control wasn’t so flaky and their customer service so unresponsive, I’d consider getting the Storm Stealth version. At least I’d have reusable keycaps that would likely never wear out. Finding replacement keyboards wouldn’t be problem either.

    I like Corsair mice quite allot, now if only the texture didn’t wear off.

  20. You can find the same features on the Deck Hassium Pro and Francium Pro. They have really nice keycaps too, very thick and constructed of PBT instead of ABS. Unfortunately the font they use is god awful.

  21. I wouldn’t use most of the lighting modes. Turn on the LED’s full time and adjust the brightness and I wouldn’t change it again. Just like I did with my current Black Widow keyboard. Mater of fact I would have to play around with it to remember how to even change the lighting effects on the Black Widow. That and the ability to turn off the windows key are the only special features I would probably use.

  22. Program mode is the most interesting feature I see. Home row, maybe some game specific configurations. The light decay is a party trick. Anyway… my advice is to learn the keyboard layout and save some money.

  23. I thought the light as you type mode was a dumb idea at CES but now that I’m seeing it on your video is a cool effect. Could be distracting but turning it on and off seems easy enough. Glad you did a video instead of just writing about it.