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So, what has this little courtesy visit to the PSU market taught us?

Well, it's taught us that modern units can perform a fair bit better than even a high-end model from just a few years ago. (According to Camelegg, the Silencer 760W sold for about $145 back in 2011.) If you're holding on to a PSU from the cretaceous period, you might want to consider an upgrade. Old PSUs may work well enough, but there's a lot to be said for higher efficiency and near-silent operation.

As for the contest between Cooler Master's V750 and Rosewill's Capstone-750-M, the outcome is, I think, fairly clear. The V750 has a lower asking price, higher power efficiency, longer PCIe cables, and dimensions compatible with smaller enclosures that don't support extra-long power supplies. It's slightly louder than the Capstone under load, but the difference, to my ears, isn't noticeable—and the V750 is quieter at idle. All in all, we think the V750 has earned a TR Recommended award.

None of that is to say the Capstone isn't a worthwhile purchase. While it's larger and a little less efficient than the V750, and its PCIe leads are a little short, the Capstone is effectively equivalent to the V750 in most other respects. It has a longer, seven-year warranty, too, which may very well justify its small price premium.TR

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