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Getting inside the Graphite Series 380T is painless. Each panel has a handle at the top. Pulling up on that handle unlatches the panel from the case. The front panel comes off with a gentle press at the top corners, as with most Corsair enclosures. All of these removable panels are filtered to minimize dust buildup, but the filters themselves are permanently affixed, unlike the magnetic, removable filters on the Obsidan 250D.

Removing the front panel reveals the included 140-mm intake fan. If the stock fan isn't quiet enough, the front panel has mounts for a 200-mm fan, instead. For those especially concerned about cooling their 3.5" drives, the front mount also supports two 120-mm spinners.

Unlike its Obsidian 250D stable mate, the 380T has no 5.25" drive bays. That's fine by me, but users who can't live without an optical drive will have to resort to an external unit.

On the lower level is the power-supply bay, which can fit units up to 6.3" (160 mm) in length. The bay has a vent with a removable dust filter at the bottom, so PSUs should be installed with their fans facing down.

Along the side of the PSU bay is a pair of tool-free 2.5" drive bays. Facing it is a cage containing two tool-free 3.5" drive trays, which can also accommodate 2.5" drives. That cage can be removed to make room for a longer power supply, but bear in mind that the 380T's bottom vent may not line up with the center-mounted fan on an extra-long PSU. Also, there's a rail or flange at the top that looks like it might interfere with longer units. All things considered, it's probably safest to abide by the recommended PSU length.

In the top chamber, you'll find a motherboard tray with integrated standoffs, the included 120-mm exhaust fan, and... well, not much else. This is good, though, because it means there's plenty of space for tower-style air coolers and large graphics cards. The 380T supports tower-style coolers up to 5.9" (150 mm) in height. That's not quite enough room for our favorite Thermaltake or Cooler Master heatsinks, but it should be sufficient for shorter tower-style heatsinks like the Cooler Master Hyper N520.

Graphics cards up to 11.4" (290 mm) will fit in the 380T. That means some GeForce GTX 780s and Radeon R9 290s are fair game. Just be sure to double-check the length of your card before making your purchase. Many high-end models have coolers within a tenth of an inch of the 380T's maximum supported length, and some are simply too long.

At the very top of the case are a toggle switch for the internal LED and three header cables for the built-in fan controller.

Moving around to the right side of the case, you can see the two rails meant to hold liquid-cooling radiators or 120-mm fans.

Overall, the Graphite Series 380T is full of the kinds of enthusiast-friendly features I like to see in a case of this caliber. Next, I'm going to install my version of TR's Casewarmer build and put the pedal to the metal.