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Legacy comparisons, continued
That was a nice start on the last page, but we can go broader than that. This next set of results includes fewer common benchmarks, but it takes us as far back as the Core 2 Duo and, yes, a chip derived from the Pentium 4: the Pentium Extreme Edition 840. Also present: dual-core versions of low-power CPUs from both Intel and AMD, the Atom D525 and the E-350 APU. We retired this original test suite after the 3960X review in the fall of 2011. We've now mashed it up with results from our first desktop Haswell review and from today.

Image processing

3D rendering

Still not old-school enough for you? In April of 2001, the Pentium III 800 rendered this same "chess2" POV-Ray scene in just under 24 minutes.