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Discrete GPU gaming

The FX-8370 is absent from these performance tests, since we didn't have time to benchmark it fully. Sorry about that. We've been exceptionally busy around here these past few days, as you've probably noticed.

Anyhow, in Thief with the Direct3D renderer enabled, the FX-8370E trails the FX-8350 by a small margin—and the Intel pack by a larger one. This game suffers more from the FX-8370E's lower base clock than it benefits from the chip's higher Turbo peak, apparently.

AMD's Mantle API does a pretty solid job of cutting CPU overhead. Enable it in Thief, and the margin between the FX-8370E and the other contenders shrinks to almost nothing. Results like these may become the norm after DirectX 12 arrives late next year. For now, though, they're the exception.

(If you're wondering why the dual-core CPU results are missing from the graph above, it's because the game wouldn't start in Mantle mode with those chips. Weird.)