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The liquid-cooling mad scientists to whom I paid homage at the beginning of my review might disavow the Nepton 240M, but they might also admit a grudging respect for a product that makes harnessing the power of liquid cooling so easy—and performs so well.

The Nepton 240M's Silencio 120 fans are a noticeable step up from the basic spinner of the Seidon 120V, and the ritzier pump technology in the Nepton makes for a smoother-sounding, quieter experience, as well. The 240M's mounting system is logical and a snap to install. When compared to the Seidon 120V, the Nepton's extra radiator area allowed it to keep the AMD A10-7850K cooler under load without moving its fans off idle. Astounding.

My only problem—and I'm really stretching here—was with the Nepton 240M's rubber fan gasket. Working with that gasket was annoying enough that I eventually set it aside. While my tests didn't cause the fans to spin up at all, demanding overclocks might be a different story, and I'll be curious to see whether the gasket signficantly affects the 240M's noise character in those situations. If it does, Cooler Master might want to make this gasket easier to install in situations where the fans can't be secured to the radiator first.

All told, though, I'd put a Nepton 240M in my own PC without hesitation. Well, maybe a little hesitation. $130 is a lot to ask for a CPU cooler, but the Nepton delivers performance equal to its lofty price. The only open question I have is how well the Nepton stands up to an overclocked CPU. In the unlikely event that the 240M stumbles with a hot-clocked processor underneath, I reserve the right to change my mind. But for now, the Nepton 240M is TR Recommended.

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