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We're often told that there's no replacement for displacement, whether in internal combustion engines or CPU heatsinks. Does the Hyper D92 deliver the goods despite its diminutive stature?

On a stock-clocked CPU, the Hyper D92 is a vast improvement over Intel's included cooler in nearly every respect. The D92 is whisper-quiet both at idle and under load, maxing out at only 30 dBA in my tests. The D92 also lowered load temperatures by an impressive 21°C compared to the stock heatsink. I found the mounting system easy to use, and I appreciated the foolproof, tool-free fan brackets, too.

My one complaint lies with the D92's twin 92-mm fans. I wish these spinners were more refined. On a stock-clocked CPU, they don't have to spin up much to keep things chilly, so the only flaw is a minor growly character that will likely be dampened by a case. The D92 gets quite loud when its fans are at full speed, however, turning in a 55 dBA result in my overclocking tests. That's probably too much noise for most people to tolerate.

All told, if you need a relatively compact heatsink for your next microATX or Mini-ITX build, the Hyper D92 is a solid upgrade over Intel's stock cooler. If you're willing to put up with the possibility of higher CPU temperatures and more noise than you might get from a bigger tower, you can even overclock fairly well with the D92. I was so impressed with this compact tower that I purchased one for another build of my own, so I can confidently say that the Hyper D92 is TR Recommended.

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