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The Talos Principle
I wanted to include one more game that would let me do some automated testing, so I could include more cards. So I did. Then I tested the additional cards manually in all of the games you saw on the preceding pages. Since I am functionally insane. Anyhow, here are the results from the nicely automated FPS benchmark in The Talos Principle public test, which is freely available on Steam. This new game from Croteam looks good and, judging by the first few puzzles, makes Portal seem super-easy.

Oh, also, I've included all five of the GTX 960 cards we talked about up front here, to give us a glimpse of how they compare.

Wow, so there's not much daylight between the different variants of the GTX 960. We're talking a total range of less than a single frame per second at 2560x1440.

What this tells me is that the differences between the GTX 960 cards, such as they are, probably won't be apparent without overclocking. The fastest card of the bunch, by a smidgen, is the Asus Strix GTX 960, which also happens to have a higher memory clock than the rest of the bunch. Hmm. My plan is to overclock these puppies in a follow-up article, so we can see how they differ when pushed to their limits. Stay tuned for that.