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Memory bandwidth
The following tests are Windows-only, forcing the mobile devices to the sidelines. A few of the tests also use 64-bit executables, so they don't run on the old T100's 32-bit operating system.

Led by the T300 Chi, the Broadwell systems roughly double the memory bandwidth available to the T100. They're all dual-channel configs; the Atom is just in a different class.


No surprises here: the T300 Chi beats its ZenBook sibling but loses ground to the Broadwell NUC. Given what we saw in Geekbench, it's also no surprise that the Chi slows over time in TrueCrypt.

The T300 Chi's encryption speeds drop progressively over three test runs—100MB/s per run with the AES algorithm and 10-23MB/s with Twofish. Those aren't huge drops, but none of the other machines exhibit the same behavior.

Video encoding


Slowdowns aren't a problem in our encoding or rendering tests. There isn't much drama, either, apart from the T300 Chi thrashing the UX305 in Cinebench's single-threaded rendering test. The two Core M machines are more closely matched in the other tests, and they're consistently slower than the Broadwell ultrabook-in-a-box.

Enough with productive tasks. Let's see how the Chi handles real-time graphics and games...