The TR Podcast 175: The Zen of chipmaking and ARM’s Cortex-A72 revealed

Duration: 1:28:33

Hosted by: Scott Wasson

Co-Hosts: Geoff Gasior and Jeff Kampman, with special guest Ryszard Sommefeldt


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Show notes

It’s a Jordan-less episode this week, but that doesn’t mean it’s not any good. We talked about the AMD Zen rumors, enjoyed special guest Rys talking about his excellent Semiconductors from idea to product, and we dug into ARM’s new Cortex-A72 CPU architecture, among other things.

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Video edition

Tech discussion

  • Leaked AMD roadmap schedules 14-nm bonanza for 2016 – Read more

    Windows 10 web browser named Microsoft Edge – Read more

    MS wants Win10 on a billion devices, will support Android apps – Read more

    Valve removes payment options for Skyrim mods – Read more

    Semiconductors from idea to product – Read more

    Intel’s Compute Stick miniature PC reviewed – Read more

    Inside ARM’s Cortex-A72 microarchitecture – Read more

That’s all, folks! We’ll see you on the next episode.

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    • d0g_p00p
    • 5 years ago

    The link to Rys article is broken

    • odizzido
    • 5 years ago

    For me MS’s new browser might be good now that they’re supporting…extensions? I think they’re called. Without them I am just going to be on a website and malware will start installing which makes IE very unappealing.

    I wouldn’t have been looking forward to it normally but firefox has just been going downhill for a long time now. Infact I recently switched to chrome on my desktop because of the problems I have with it. Chrome works better but I am not a fan of it for other reasons.

    Choosing a browser to me is like picking which turd stinks the least. MS might be able to make something that isn’t even a turd and that would be really nice.

    • TheSeekingOne
    • 5 years ago

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