The TR Podcast 178: Going deep with the Radeon Fury X

Plus Radeon 300-series chat, the PC Gaming Show, and more

Duration: 1:39:54

Hosted by: Scott Wasson and Jeff Kampman


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Show notes
Scott and Jeff take a breather from the insanity of E3 to dive deep on AMD's brand-new Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card and its Fiji GPU. We field a ton of reader questions about AMD's new hotness, talk about the PC Gaming Show at E3, and more.

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Video edition

Timeline (our thanks to TR reader NoOne ButMe for compiling these)

~0:02:15- About Fiji tech and the Fury and Nano products
~0:11:45- Project Quantum info.
~0:14:30- About r7/r9 300 series.
~0:22:45- About chip generations from AMD since 28nm. (still talking about r7/r9 300 series)
~0:28:00- hope get 390/390x and test against 290/290x also.
~0:30:00- "Why Fiji chip no HDMI 2.0 and no DP1.3?"
~0:33:45- "What fan Fury X shipping with?"
~0:34:30- "Tonga memory tech in Fiji, helps with 4GB?"
~0:38:30- "remember AMD guy saying memory usage is bad because never put engineer on it"
~0:41:30- "Ever see fiji firepro?"
~0:43:30- "TR not getting review units?"
~0:46:00- Carrizo launch in notebooks. More about Review units.
~0:47:30- Staffing changes.
~0:48:00- Tech blogs/etc buying their own units v. companies letting reviewers see it.
~0:49:00- "Can AMD make triple Fiji card"
~0:50:30- "how well Fiji overclocks?"
~0:54:00- "you confirm Tonga 384-bit bus/Why no full Tonga?"
~0:58:45- "Impressions of AMD claims Fury X v. 980ti"
~1:02:00- Talking about Fiji architecture.
~1:09:00- About size/Engine of Fiji involving interposer
~1:16:30- "AMD losing money selling [Fury X] at $650?"
~1:19:30- "Think AMD launching HBM earlier keep ahead of Nvidia a significant time?"
~1:21:45- "What level compatibility Fiji has DX12?"
~1:24:15- "Think Fury/300 series == gain marketshare (& compete with Nvidia)"
~1:27:30- "Fiji die size? bigger GM200?"
~1:28:15- "DVI support on Fiji X?"
~1:30:30- Talking about PC gaming show
~1:34:00- "Will you test to find limit with Fury 4GB VRAM?"
~1:38:00- "About Skylake"

That's all, folks! We'll see you on the next episode.TR

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