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Crysis 3

Notice those big, 100-ms-plus spikes in the frame times for the R9 390/X and Fury cards. They're big, and they're hard to ignore. Let's see what they do to our metrics.

Although the Radeon cards' FPS averages look good, they suffer in our other metrics as a result of those pronounced slowdowns. The hiccups happen at a specific point in the test run, when I blow up a bunch of bad guys at once. Many of the Radeon cards suffer at that point, and the effect is not subtle while playing. The GeForces deliver fluid animation in this same spot, which makes for quite a contrast.

Notice something, though, in the beyond-50-ms results above: The R9 290X and 295 X2 suffer the least. You can see it in the raw frame time plots, too. My best guess about why is that AMD must have introduced some kind of regression in its newer drivers that exacerbates this problem. Perhaps they can fix it going forward.