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Far Cry 4

The FPS average and 99th percentile scores don't agree here. Click through the frame time plots above, and you'll see why: intermittent, pronounced spikes from the R9 290-series and Fury cards. Conspicuously, though, the R9 390 and 390X don't have this problem. My crackpot insta-theory is that this may be a case where the 8GB of RAM on the 390/X cards pays off. The rest of the Radeons have 4GB per GPU, and they all suffer occasional slowdowns.

That said, even if this is a memory issue, it could probably be managed in driver software. None of the GeForces have this problem, not even the GTX 780 Ti with 3GB.

At the 50-ms threshold, our "badness" metric picks up the frame time spikes on the Furies and the 290X. You can feel these slowdowns as they happen, interrupting the flow of animation.