review the tr podcast 187 opening the zbox and a bunch of new apples

The TR Podcast 187: Opening the Zbox and a bunch of new Apples

Duration: 1:37:48

Hosted by: Luke McCready

Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson and Ben Funk

Special guest: Jacky Huang


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This episode of The Tech Report Podcast is sponsored by ZOTAC, the Original Mini PC manufacturer, featuring the ZBOX MAGNUS EN970. With a fresh design packing a 5th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics, the MAGNUS EN970 brings serious HD gaming into a sleek enclosure supporting up to four displays. Power your play at the desk, living room, or rule the LAN with its compact nature and densely packed power. Our thanks to Zotac for their support.

Show notes
On this episode, we talk with Jacky Huang of Zotac about the Zbox EN970 and the other nifty mini-PCs that his team builds. Then we get to the core of Apple’s announcements this week—including the iPad Pro, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and the updated Apple TV—and finish up by discussing some reader questions.

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0 responses to “The TR Podcast 187: Opening the Zbox and a bunch of new Apples

  1. What a pessimist! =]

    Physical distribution is coming before Christmas. And it comes with other goodies besides resolution, like enhanced contrast and enhanced color space.

    The Star Wars prequels and Lord of the Rings trilogy were digitally filmed at 1080p. They’ll never look better, unless possibly they have a fine upscale. Most any movie on film has subtle detail to reveal past 1080p. And studios have been filming in 4k for years now, even though we the customers haven’t been seeing the results (outside the theaters).

    Most importantly, I’m not convinced every movie worth watching has already been made.

    But the best way to make your current TV investment last is to not explore the differences in person. It took me a while to easily see how Blu-ray is better than DVD, and now I can’t even watch standard DVD without cringing. Training hurts sometimes.

  2. I’m hoping for a solid 10 years out of my 2012 Samsung, so we should be at least two iterations past the Roku 4 by then. I don’t have much interest in 4k anyway, since such a negligible amount of 4k content exists (do they even have a physical distribution method yet?) and all the best/classic movies could never be 4k.

  3. Heh, maybe they’ll even call it the Roku 4k.

    You don’t think you’ll upgrade your TV before replacing a Roku 4?

    I’m on 1080p too currently, but the switch will be easier when more of my equipment supports 4k. I’m happy to pick up a device at cost parity even though I don’t have a 4k TV yet. But … it’d be really nice to have it support the other aspects of UHD other than just 3840 x 2160.

  4. From a marketing standpoint they would almost have to make the Roku 4 do 4k, but they’ve been very mum on details so far. I’m still using a high-end 1080p TV, so I’m more interested in other improvements and features.

  5. Enjoyed the podcast. The only thing I found odd was that Roku was never mentioned in the streaming box discussion. I know it’s extremely long in tooth, but the Roku 3 is still among the best streaming boxes in my opinion. It also has the ability to search across multiple content platforms from the same screen. The Roku 4 is supposed to be out sometime soon, and should compete well against Apple

  6. Scott, when will we get to see iPhone 6s /6s Plus, iPad Pro reviews? Really looking forward to seeing how the A9/9X perform.

  7. I wish Shuttle would make a good DTX motherboard for me to overclock with, something with dual 16x pci slots for compact SLI.