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Ashes of the Singularity
Here's our first look at the Ashes benchmark, which lets us test performance in both DirectX 11 and 12 using code from a pre-release version of this upcoming game. DirectX 12 is a new graphics programming API built into Windows 10 that promises lower CPU overhead, better threading, and fuller use of the GPU's potential. (We've also tested the GTX 950 and Radeon R7 370 in the Fable Legends benchmark right here.)

Click through the results below to see frame time plots from both versions of DirectX.

All of the cards appear to hit a tough spot early in the benchmark where there are one or more really slow frames. The slowdown appears to be a worse on the GeForces than on the R7 370, and the problem is further heightened on the GeForces in DX12.

Although these spikes are huge, over half a second long in some cards, they're surrounded by enough other frames that they don't drag down FPS averages. If you've seen FPS-only results other places, rest assured, they're probably not terribly misleading as a result of this hiccup. Ahem.

Forgive me for not sorting the results in the bar graphs; doing so would require some extra work in Excel, and let's face it: I'm not doing that.

Overall, the GeForces perform a little slower in the DX12 version of this benchmark than in DX11. Meanwhile, the R7 370 benefits from the switch to DX12. Still, the Radeon remains slower than the GTX 950 overall. And, truth be told, none of these cards are producing frames quickly enough over time to provide a good gaming experience. We might have to lower the display resolution or dial back the image quality to achieve acceptable performance.