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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3


With Black Ops 3, our frame time plots continue to show smooth performance from the GTX 960 4GB and the R9 380X. The plots from the GTX 960 2GB and the R9 380 get a little spikier than in Fallout 4, but both cards still manage to stay below the 50-ms mark.

The R9 380X comfortably slots in between the GTX 960 4GB and the GeForce GTX 970 in average FPS, and it delivers lower 99th-percentile frame times than the GTX 960 cards and the R9 380 while doing it. Not bad.

Here's a weird plot. That stairstep pattern you see in these curves isn't a product of incorrect data. We think it's actually an artifact of some kind of internal quantization going on in Black Ops 3's engine. Hm. We may have to investigate that phenomenon further. For now, though, you can see that the 380X's frame time curve sits comfortably lower than the GTX 960s and the 380 once more, and even its worst frames aren't too far above the crucial 33.3-ms threshold.

In our measures of "badness" for Black Ops 3, none of the cards spend any time past the troublesome 50-ms mark. The R9 380X and 4GB GTX 960 barely spend any time above our critical 33.3-ms mark, too. The Radeon R9 380 spends somewhat more time in this range, while the 2GB GTX 960 really struggles. Perhaps this is one game where the extra memory helps.