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Before drawing any conclusions, let's look at the Trion 150's relative overall performance compared to other drives in our labs. We distill the overall performance rating using an older SATA SSD as a baseline. To compare each drive, we then take the geometric mean of a basket of results from our test suite. Only drives which have been through the entire current test suite on our current rig are represented.

Well, there you have it. OCZ accomplished what it set out to do. Instead of languishing in the dubious company of Crucial's BX200 480GB, the Trion 150 480GB is nipping at the heels of higher-performance drives like the 850 EVO 250GB and the Crucial BX100. OCZ coaxed more than a 20% increase over the Trion 100 480GB in our overall performance metric simply by swapping NAND.

We'll also quantify the Trion 150's value proposition by considering its performance against its price per gigabyte. In the scatter plot below, the most compelling positions are toward the upper left corner, where the price per gigabyte is low and performance is high.

As value goes, we think the Trion 150 480GB is in a excellent spot. Newegg is selling it for $129.99, or $0.27 per gigabyte. The Trion 100 and BX200 are still selling for the same price, despite being noticeably slower. We'd guess that Samsung's 850 EVO 500GB would deliver somewhat better performance, but that drive is $30 to $40 more expensive on Newegg right now—no small potatoes. The Trion 150 is a great candidate for anyone looking for a reasonable amount of SSD at a low price.

Back when we reviewed the Trion 100, we were let down by that drive's rather mediocre performance, even given its entry-level price tag. The Trion 150 has turned that situation around. We have few complaints with this drive. It's priced competitively and its overall performance is much improved over its predecessor. It feels like the drive that the Trion 100 should have been off the bat. I would only avoid the Trion 150 for latency-sensitive use cases with highly random workloads. That one limitation aside, I can recommend it with no hesitation to the average consumer. Whether as a boot drive, media drive, or game library drive, the Trion 150 will serve regular folks well.TR

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