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The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3 is another benchmark where I re-used the settings that we've settled on in past reviews. We also chose to test this title at 2560x1440, rather than 4K. We didn't crank the resolution in part because we wanted to maintain consistency with the numbers we produced in our Fury X review, but also because the game is demanding enough that playing the game at 4K with high settings wasn't a great experience even on newer high-end cards.

The GTX 1080 is rapidly depleting my reserve of ways to say "well, that went well." Its average FPS numbers for this test are impressive, and its 99th-percentile frame time number hovers just above the magic 16.7ms mark. Remember that as 99th percentile times get lower, it gets harder to push down the absolute values. While the difference between the GTX 980 Ti's 99th-percentile result and that of the GTX 1080's is only 1.5 ms, that difference can still have a noticeable effect on smoothness.

Sorry, but the numbers above already tell the story here. The GTX 1080 is smooth as butter. In fact, the most interesting thing to note about these results is that the Fury X has significantly improved its showing since our initial review, both in its 99th-percentile frame times and in its "badness" performance. Even so, it can't catch the GTX 980 Ti or the GTX 1080 for smoothness. The GTX 1080 spends just 71 ms past the 16.7ms mark in The Witcher 3, and that makes for some wonderfully smooth gameplay on Nvidia's latest.