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Crysis 3
Despite its 2013 release date, Crysis 3 is still plenty capable of putting the hurt on modern graphics cards. In fact, our GTX 960 was so overwhelmed by the game that it only sustained an average of 22 FPS at our chosen 2560x1440 resolution, for some reason. We're omitting it from these numbers as an outlier.

Once again, the RX 480 is neck-and-neck with the GTX 970, both in average frame rates and in its 99th-percentile frame time. Moving on.

In our measures of "badness," the R9 380X spends a fair amount of time on frames beyond the 50-ms and 33-ms marks, and it's the only card that has any kind of problems with keeping frame times below 16.7 ms for an extended period. Our data reveals that the GTX 970 and RX 480 both had some troublesome frames to churn through, but nothing to the degree of the R9 380X. The GTX 980 turns in a great performance.