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Crysis 3
Though it's an older game, Crysis 3 can still put the hurt on modern graphics cards. Aside from anti-aliasing, we cranked every setting at 1920x1080 to give the RX 470 and friends a hard workout. (Ignore the fullscreen setting in the screenshots below—that's an artifact of the way we had to capture them.)

In this test, the RX 480 and the RX 470 are within a hair's breadth of one another in our results, and their frame-time plots are nearly indistinguishable from one another. The GTX 970 rules the roost here, though, while the R9 380X and the GTX 960 4GB bring up the rear.

Just like peas in a pod, neither the RX 470 nor the RX 480 spend any time mired past 50 ms or 33 ms, and they spend about the same amount of time chugging away on tough frames that drop the frame rate below 60 FPS. Moving on.