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Rise of the Tomb Raider (DX11)
Rise of the Tomb Raider is a demanding and gorgeous game. We ticked the "high" preset at 1920x1080 and ran through a portion of the "Soviet Installation" level that's thick with flames, particles, and lighting effects to see how the RX 470 handles Lara Croft's latest adventures.

RoTR has always favored Nvidia cards in our tests, and even in our revised results, the GTX 970 takes a decisive victory in both our 99th-percentile and average FPS numbers. The RX 480 puts more light between itself and the RX 470 than it did in our poisoned initial set of test results,  and it improves its 99th-percentile frame time numbers, too.

The first major signs of "badness" for these cards running Rise of the Tomb Raider in DX11 mode crop up at the 16.7-ms threshold in our new set of data. In keeping with its high frame rate and low 99th-percentile frame time, the GTX 970 spends an imperceptible amount of time working on some difficult frames past the 16.7-ms mark. That's great performance, and we can conclude the card is delivering a solid 60 FPS or better for the vast majority of our one-minute testing period.

The Radeon RX 480 spends about a second working on tough frames past this threshold, while the RX 470 needs about three. That's still much better performance than the cards we formerly might have recommended in this price class, however. The R9 380X and GTX 960 fare much worse.