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Hitman (DirectX 12)
Hitman is one of AMD's marquee titles for showing off what DirectX 12 can do on its cards. It's a punishing title that tends to favor Radeons, so keep that in mind as we discuss our results. To test the game, we set up a blend of low and medium settings with ambient occlusion on. Like the rest of our tests, we ran Hitman at 1920x1080.

So that's something. Flip on Hitman's DirectX 12 mode, and the RX 460 takes a commanding lead in our average FPS measure, even beating out the better-provisioned Pitcairn chip on the R7 370 and the GM206 GPU that powers the GTX 950. Not only is the RX 460 the fastest thing going in this game, it also matches that high performance potential with the lowest 99th-percentile frame time of the bunch. In practice, that translates to a noticeably smoother gameplay experience than any other card we tested.

Given the class of card we're working with, it's probably best to start our "badness" analysis at the 33.3-ms mark. None of the Radeons spend a single millisecond past this point, so we can be assured they're always delivering 30 FPS or better during our test run. The GeForces spend a bit of time working on frames past this point, but probably not enough to be significant.

Move to the time-spent-past-16.7-ms mark, though, and the RX 460 really shines. Of our one-minute test run, the flyweight Polaris card spends just four seconds working on frames that drop the average FPS rate below 60. The beefier R7 370 spends almost twice as much time churning on these tough frames, and the GeForces do worse still.

Even accounting for Hitman's apparently favorable disposition toward Radeons, this is remarkable performance for such a tiny GPU. Like we already noted, the RX 460 is the smoothest thing here by a wide margin, and it really shows. Let's see if that performance continues in Hitman's DirectX 11 mode.