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Rise of the Tomb Raider
One of gaming's most iconic and long-lasting franchises, the Tomb Raider continues to attract gamers because, well, the games are just good. The latest title in the series, 2015's Rise of the Tomb Raider, is an action-packed game that refreshes classic platformer mechanics while offering players interesting gameplay choices. Once again, we pushed the graphics settings up quite a bit to make the GPUs sing for their supper, even at the laptop's modest 1920x1080 native resolution.

In this title, we see much more separation between the desktop and mobile variants of the GTX 1070. Our desktop benchmarking system provided a smoother experience, as evidenced by its tight line in the frame time graph. In this particular game, the mobile GTX 1070 is turning in numbers that look a lot more like those produced by the the GTX 1060 6GB. That's not a bad thing: none of the cards here exhibit any of the spikiness we'd want to call out from a card that delivers a subpar gaming experience.

We shouldn't let the superlative performance of the desktop 1070 diminish what the other systems were able to accomplish, though. None of the cards tested here registered a single frame beyond 33.3ms. This isn't the best showing of what the mobile GTX 1070 can accomplish, but it's still delivering a solid experience right out of the box in this demanding title.