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Grand Theft Auto V
When it first came out, GTA V shattered sales records, terrified parents, and put the hurt on graphics cards. It's a few years old now, but this latest entry in Rockstar Games' popular series of open-world action games has many dials for turning up the eye candy. We turned up just about all of them except for MSAA, which dropped frame rates farther than we found acceptable.

Now these results are just remarkable, and go against what we've learned from years of gaming laptops. Even with its mobile CPU and thermally-constrained chassis, Gigabyte's P57X is almost breathing down the neck of our desktop testing rig in this title.

Digging into our "time spent beyond" graphs also reveals the mobile GTX 1070 distinguishing itself from the GTX 1060. While the mobile GTX 1070 spent just eight milliseconds past the 16.7ms mark, the GTX 1060 churned away for almost a half a second on difficult frames.

This kind of performance matters because, out of all the games I tested, I found myself most sensitive to low frame rates in this title. As I was looking for playable graphics settings, I found that the system couldn't quite handle having every setting turned all the way up (I know, right?). With MSAA turned on along with everything else, average FPS dropped down to around 30 FPS, and my driving abilities immediately plummeted. Low FPS causes car crashes, kids. Playing GTA V at high settings requires high-performing hardware, and Gigabyte's P57X provides that.