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Cooler Master made life easy when it designed the MasterLiquid Maker 92's mounting system. It's quite simple: four bolts run through a bracket that sits behind the motherboard, and four nuts go on top of them to clamp down the cooler. Clipping the bolts onto the bracket using the four included plastic clips is the only fiddly thing about the entire process.

I found it easiest to install the MasterLiquid Maker 92 in its vertical position with the front fan off. With that fan in place, the coolant hoses make it hard to get a screwdriver or hand in to tighten down the requisite nuts. Once the cooler is in place, flipping it between its vertical and horizontal positions is a tool-free process, although I had to keep the coolant hoses out of the way by hand.

In its vertical position, the MasterLiquid Maker 92 just barely clears the first memory slot on the Z170 motherboard we're using as an example.

In its horizontal position, the Maker 92 overhangs the first memory slot on our test system, but it doesn't interfere with the heat spreaders on the taller-than-average G.Skill Trident Z DIMMs we're using in our rig.

The Maker 92 also doesn't interfere with the first PCI Express slot on our test motherboard, although the lower coolant hose might touch the backplates of graphics cards installed on motherboards with PCIe x16 slots in the first position.

All told, the MasterLiquid Maker 92 is one of the simplest coolers to install that I've used. Let's see how it performs.