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3D rendering and video processing


The Cinebench benchmark is based on Maxon's Cinema 4D rendering engine. It's multithreaded and comes with a 64-bit executable. This test runs with just a single thread and then with as many threads as CPU cores (or threads, in CPUs with multiple hardware threads per core) are available.

Cinebench's single-threaded test proves that the Core i7-7700K is one of the fastest CPUs around on a per-core basis, and that performance translates into a solid lead for it in the all-cores test among the quad-core chips it's competing with. The Core i7-6950X is in a league of its own here, though.

As an OpenCL benchmark, LuxMark lets us test performance on CPUs, GPUs, and even a combination of the two. OpenCL code is by nature parallelized and relies on a real-time compiler, so it should adapt well to new instructions. For instance, Intel and AMD offer integrated client drivers for OpenCL on x86 processors, and they both support AVX. The AMD APP driver even supports Bulldozer's and Piledriver's distinctive instructions, FMA4 and XOP. We've used the AMD APP ICD on the FX-8370 and Intel's latest OpenCL ICD on the rest of the processors.

We tested with LuxMark 3.0 using the "Hotel lobby" scene.

The Core i7-7700K continues its string of victories in our CPU-only tests with LuxMark, but the Core i7-6700K isn't far behind.

As we've come to expect with LuxMark, switching to GPU-only rendering leads to a chaotic mixture of results. Still, the Core i7-7700K comes out on top.

With their powers combined, the CPUs and the GeForce GTX 1080 fall back into an orderly progression. We also get the highest possible scores this way. Once again, the i7-7700K takes the overall crown among the quad-core chips it's pitted against.

Blender Cycles renderer
Here's a new addition to our test suite. If you've been paying to AMD's Ryzen events of late, you've probably seen the company demonstrating its chips with Blender and its Cycles renderer. The Blender project offers several standard scenes to render with Cycles for benchmarking purposes, and we chose the CPU-targeted version of the "bmw27" test file to put Cycles through its paces on these parts.

The i7-7700K adds another trophy to its case with the Cycles test. The Core i7-6950X does it one better and finishes the job in almost half the time.